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What is your booking process?

Do you have a deposit/booking fee, or a minimum order amount?

It’s super simple! You're already doing Step 1- Read the FAQ’s! After you've done this, be sure to take a look around at the info and photos on the rest of the website to get an idea of the experience I can offer you as a Flouretta Sweet client. If you’d like to see if I’m available for your wedding day as well as receive specific pricing information for wedding cakes and miniature desserts, you can fill out my inquiry form here. I’ll send you all of that info, as well as answer any general questions you may have about being a FS client.
If you decide you’re ready to work with me, I’ll send you a pre-booking contract and an invoice to pay your booking fee. Then, you’re officially a part of the FS Fam!!

Yes! The deposit amount to solidify your date on the FS calendar is $250, and is non-refundable. The minimum order amount for a Flouretta Sweet wedding is $500. This can be a combination of cake and/or desserts, and can also include any rentals, delivery fee, etc. The retainer fee not only solidifies your wedding date, but it also covers all of my work and time (e-mail communication, consultations, etc.) prior to you paying your final deposit, which is due three weeks before your wedding date. 

What is a consultation? Do you meet with me for a consultation before I book you?

Consultations are where I meet with clients, taste some cake, discuss their vision, and dream up the perfect cake and/or dessert display to complement the story of their day. We discuss official pricing, design, and all of the wedding-day details at this meeting, and end with a clear vision of what will be created and delivered for their event! As much as I wish that I could meet with every potential client, in reality it’s JUST me working with you from start to finish. At this time, due to my availability, I reserve this experience for my clients who have paid their booking fee only.

Absolutely! Having cake that looks AND tastes good is so important to me. I want my clients to be reassured in every way possible that I will be here for them throughout the entire process, and that I’m the right vendor for their day. That is why I’ve created my Cake Sampler Box! This gives you the chance to “try before you buy”, so that you’re super familiar with my cake and how it tastes (and so you’ve seen multiple flavors in action). This box is a hand-curated collection of 6 flavors (chosen by me) that reflect the season in which you’re getting married. It is $25 and available for pickup at my home-based kitchen space in Manheim, PA. Once you inquire, I’ll include a link to order a sample box if you’d like to try some cake! 

Ok, I totally get it. So is there a way I can try your cake before I book you, just to be sure you’re the right fit?

I’m overwhelmed. How does this price-per-slice thing work? I don’t know how much to order or where to start! 

Do you charge a delivery and setup fee?

First of all, DON’T WORRY! The whole price-per-slice thing may seem confusing overwhelming, and complicated, but I’m here to make it UN-complicated! I have options for all budgets, wedding styles, allergy-restrictions, and tastes. I’ll even do the math for you, and make sure that you’ll have enough to feed and satisfy Mom AND your partner who only likes vanilla. I promise 😊. While I do require that my couples spend at least a minimum of $500, I am CONFIDENT that I can find something that will work within your wedding budget, and make you and your guests happy. This process should be FUN, not overwhelming, and I’m here to make it so! 

Yes. I charge a $50 delivery and set-up fee (and I promise, it’s worth every penny, because it ensures that your cake gets to your venue in ONE PIECE!). This covers my time, as well as round-trip delivery within a 20-mile radius of the Flouretta Sweet kitchen (located in Manheim, PA). Any additional mileage is charged at $.58/mile, round trip.  

I keep seeing all of those dessert displays you do with the cake stands and fabric and stuff. How can I get that for my wedding? 

Can I use you for SOME of my wedding desserts and another vendor for other items, like cupcakes, ice cream, or sheet cakes?

Yessss, rentals are the way to go, friend! Flouretta Sweet offers a WIDE variety of rental items to jazz up your dessert display. The price of rentals is calculated based on the number of people being fed with the miniature desserts that you’ve ordered, and includes cake stands, fabric, and other decorative pieces specific to your wedding day feel- each setup is unique! Rentals are delivered and set up by me, and then the couple is responsible for returning them post-wedding. I am also happy to set up rental items and stands provided by you, but a $25 set-up fee will be added to the final total to cover my time.  

Do you offer allergen-friendly options?

It depends. No matter what, I require that if you work with me, ALL of your cake needs (this means your wedding cake, cutting cake, and cupcakes) MUST come through me. You can’t have me make your main wedding cake, and then get a cupcake truck or Costco sheet cakes to supplement. This is not me trying to be greedy! This is mainly because of liability concern and reputational protection on my part.
 HOWEVER, if you would like to get specialty desserts through another vendor (macarons, ice cream, s’mores, specialty cookies or favors, etc.), that is totally fine, I just ask that they be on a separate display than the cake/desserts I am providing.

Heck yes! I currently offer gluten free, dairy free, and vegan wedding cake flavors, as well as an entire menu’s worth of miniature desserts that can accommodate the same allergies. If you have another specific allergy, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate it! Please keep in mind that my kitchen is NOT free of wheat, eggs, or dairy, HOWEVER, when I produce any items for client’s with allergies, extreme care is taken to prevent cross-contamination. It’s up to you to know the level of your allergy, and I will be sure to discuss the needs of you and your guests thoroughly as we work together to design a wedding day menu that can accommodate everyone!

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