... so let's dream up something special for YOUR celebration (big OR small)!

Occasion Cakes

Cupcakes &
Miniature Desserts

There's always a reason to have cake...

Semi-customized cakes start at $60.

-These designs are for the client who doesn't want to spend hours designing a custom cake, but still wants something beautiful and unique for their occasion.

-Choose between a beautiful buttercream floral-inspired design, or a dessert-style finish, which is similar to what you would find in a bakery (with a chocolate drip, and garnishes to accompany the cake flavor you've chosen). 

-Designs are then customized with the addition of your choice of cake and buttercream flavors, color scheme, and message. 

Fully-customized cakes start at $100.

-The sky is the limit for a fully-customized cake! 

-This can be a combination of a single-tiered cake and cupcakes or miniature desserts, or can be used to create a highly-customized design that is unique for your special occasion.

-All custom party cakes start with a base price, and each design element being created is priced individually on top of that.

-Single-tiered party cakes have a rounded base starting price.

Tiered party cakes start at a base price of $5.25/slice.

-The minimum order amount for JUST miniature desserts is $50

-Cupcakes start at $30/dozen. 
Miniature cupcakes start at $30/2 dozen

-Flouretta Sweet offers a full menu of miniature desserts, including cookies, parfaits, pies, baked donuts, chocolate-covered strawberries, brownies, and more.
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