hi, I'm

-"mom" of the group but always has snacks
-disney parks nerd
-donut connoisseur 
-enneagram 2 | extroverted introvert
-one iced vanilla cold brew with oat milk please! 

I'm here to be your wedding cake hype-woman, your pocket pastry chef, and to make your wedding planning journey as low stress and fun as possible!  



standing at the kitchen counter of my Grandmother Loretta's kitchen, concocting "magic potions" and becoming well-versed in the Food Network's afternoon lineup. My Mom worked full time, but still found a way to have a home-cooked dinner on the table every night. Sharing good food and warm hospitality was a cornerstone of my family's Italian and Lithuanian heritage, and it quickly became the way I learned to communicate love for others!

When I was 14 years old, my Grandmother took me on a trip to visit The Culinary Institute of America, and my career path was laid before my eyes. It became my goal to attend and graduate from the CIA... and so I did!

I met my husband Brandon while attending culinary school, and after graduation we moved to Boston together (his hometown), and worked our way through the kitchens of this incredible food city for 3 years. We eventually decided to move back to my hometown of Lancaster, PA to make Flouretta Sweet into a full-time reality! 

i was raised...

the flouretta sweet studio is a separate & licensed kitchen/in-home business located in manheim, pa

the name



comes from the names of my grandmothers, 





 she is the essence of sharing love with others through food. 

I like to think of her as the spirit of all of the mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, and friends who stood together around the kitchen counter planning parties, decorating Christmas cookies,
and passing down secret family recipes and traditions and making new memories together.

Flouretta Sweet isn't just a business name or a brand. 

is an homage to the women who have shaped my life and career.